• What does the rate per night include?
    The taxes are not included in the rate. The breakfast is not included. Children under 13 years don't pay.

  • How can I make a reservation?
    By clicking the "Book Now" bar and selecting the check in/check out dates. Our search engine is linked and live-updated to our reservations system so it's 100% reliable.

  • Do the rooms have A/C?
    In our quest to maintain the ecological balance of our environment, we generate our own electricity with solar panels and a windmill.
    Air conditioning simply uses far more energy than we can produce.
    We provide a fan in each room, and designed the rooms to take advantage of the air flow off the ocean.

  • Do the Cabañas have a private bathroom?
    We have Cabañas with shared bathroom. From #1 to #27.
    Tower rooms, Suite 43 and Cabañas #31 to #41 have a private bathroom

  • Where are the nearest restaurants/shops located in relation to the hotel?
    There are several restaurants and shops in the immediate vicinity and within the surrounding 2 or 3 kilometers. Downtown and the ruins are located 8 kilometers away from the hotel.

  • What is the cancellation policy?
    The cancellation/reservation policy can be found at the "Reservations" tab and will also appear in your screen before proceeding with your booking payment as a reminder.

  • Do you take credit cards in the establisment?
    We do take credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) for payment in the restaurant and at the front desk.

  • Are there ATM's nearby?
    The nearest ATM is approximately 1 km away from the hotel, and the front desk can instruct you how to get to it.

  • Are pets allowed?
    Sorry, but as cleanliness and hygiene are part of our top priorities, no pets are allowed in the hotel or restaurant area.

To get to Coco Tulum by:

  • CAR
    Leaving the Cancún airport, turn right (south) onto the highway, toward Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Chetumal. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach Playa del Carmen.
    If you stay in the center lanes, you can take the bridge over Playa del Carmen, which will save you about 20 minutes. From the south end of Playa del Carmen, it's about 65 km to Tulum.

    When you reach Tulum, keep going until you reach the intersection with San Francisco de Asis (a grocery store) on the right and 7-11 on the left. Turn left when the light turns green.
    When you reach the end of that road, bear right. You'll go about 2-3 km before reaching Coco Tulum. There's a parking lot directly across from reception on your right.

  • BUS
    You can take the ADO bus directly from the airport in Cancún. When you finish going through customs and step outside, look to your right (past the tiki bar) and there should be an ADO
    bus right there. You can pay the driver directly for a ticket to Playa del Carmen, which should be around 150 pesos. Once you get to Playa del Carmen, buy a ticket to Tulum for another
    150 or so pesos, and once you arrive in Tulum you can take a taxi (they are always some outside the bus station) to Coco Tulum for 50 pesos.

    *If your plane arrives after 6 pm, we strongly recommend that you book a private shuttle or car service in advance, as the buses to Tulum from Playa del Carmen stop around 8 pm.

    If you wish to book a shuttle or private car, please ask reception to book it for you!


  • Check-in begins at 3 pm, and check out is at noon. Our front desk is open from 7 am until 11 pm, and all of our receptionists are bilingual.

  • Please bring a copy of your payment, as it will be requested at check-in. We will also ask you to sign an open credit card voucher to cover incidental expenses.

  • We do allow our guests to bring food and beverages for your exclusive consumption inside the rooms. There is no refrigeration or coolers in the rooms.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • We suggest you bring one flashlight per person - we have low-voltage lights and it can get dark on the beach and on the road.

  • Nighttime can be cool, especially in the high season; we recommend that you bring a light jacket or sweater and long pants.

  • Please don't drink the water from the tap. We will provide you with bottled water daily in your room. The ice at the hotel is made with purified water, and all fruits and vegetables are properly disinfected.

  • We suggest you carry small bills to make it easier to pay for taxis or small items. (Sometimes it can get complicated to find change for big bills!)

  • We suggest a daily tip between 2 and 3 usd for the housekeepers. Please give any tips to the front desk upon check-out, so they can be evenly distributed.

  • If any of the following items are damaged, lost, or rendered unusable during your stay, you will be charged the following amounts:
    Beach towel or shower towel: 40 usd
    Hand towel: 25 usd
    Room key: 50 usd
    Safe key: 15 usd
    Candle stand: 8 usd

    Like many, we at Coco Tulum are concerned about our environmental impact. Join us in preserving the paradise of Tulum for future generations.
    In Tulum, our natural water sources (also known as “cenotes”) provide us with fresh water. We ask that you do not waste it! Due to our organic drainage system, we also ask you to put waste in their proper bins – though it may seem out of the ordinary, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you not flush toilet paper (or anything other than organic waste) down the toilet. Please dispose of it in the bins provided in each bathroom.
    We also ask that you use eco-friendly sunblocks and mosquito repellent. Please do not enter a cenote with sunblock or repellent on your skin.
    Every hotel and house on the beaches of Tulum must generate its own energy. Coco Tulum and its sister hotel use wind and solar energy. Please conserve your energy use by turning off lights when you’re not using them. Any high-voltage appliances are not allowed, including hair dryers.

    Tulum is a beautiful place, and there are many places to visit! We recommend:

    • Chichen-Itzá, one of the seven wonders of the world, and other archeological sites like Tulum, Cobá and Ek-Bala’am.
    • Sian-Ka’an and its biosphere, a Unesco heritage site. The biosphere is huge and there are many different tours available to explore all the wildlife there.
    • Natural cenotes that you can swim, snorkel, and/or dive in, all around the Riviera Maya.
    • Other sporting activites, like fishing, diving, kiteboarding, etc.


Wind + Solar Energy
Private or shared bahtrooms
Free WiFi access
Parking lot
Hot water
Airport transfer
Car Rentals
Bike Rentals


Beach towels
Shower towels
Shower towels
Beach towels
Shampoo in the showers
Covid-19 Statement